Kufi Hat Skull Caps by Candid Signature

The kufi skull cap (also written skullcap) is a head-forming cap that is brimless and rests above the ears. Kufi skull caps are worn in many different cultures around the world and can bear both secular and religious significance to the wearer. They have recently made inroads as a fashionable and versatile cap worn by established hip-hop artists, streetwear enthusiasts, bikers looking for a comfortable under-helmet, athletes, and among chemotherapy patients. The setting above the ears makes them less intrusive than the typical beanie meant for winter coverage. 

Among Jews the skull cap worn for religious reasons is known by its Hebrew name kippah, or in Yiddish, a yarmulke or koppel. Among Muslims, the name varies across many languages, and is known as a Taqiyah, Topi, Peci, or Kufi, the latter name also being used in the context of an African cap. Among bikers and members of other sub-cultures such as fans of hip hop, the cap may bear significance for group affinity in addition to offering functional and fashion benefit. 

The kufi skull caps made by Candid Signature offer a modern re-imagination of a design used by many cultures around the world. They feature unique weave patterns (see, e.g., our popular zigzag pattern Kufi), fashionable and functional construction (see, e.g., our lattice and arrow-lattice designs) and attractive colors and stripes (see, e.g., our massive collection of striped skull caps).

The kufi hat skull cap designs exclusively offered by Candid Signature are among the top selling skull caps on Amazon and a best selling kufi on the internet. A customer recently tipped us off that they're also worn by rapper Q Da Fool (link)!

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