Stretchy Cotton Kufi Hat Skull Cap with Zigzag Pattern Knit

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  •  ZIGZAG KNIT KUFI. Stylish above-the-ear kufi skull cap hat featuring a zigzag pattern knit that will stretch to fit most sizes.  
  •  LOW PROFILE, LIGHT, AND VERSATILE.  These skull caps weigh only 1.5 ounces.  Sometimes you'll forget that you are wearing them.  Easy to fold and put in your pocket when not in use.  
  • SOFT 100% COTTON.  Made in Indonesia from quality natural cotton yarn, making them great for people with sensitive scalps.  Stay cool in the summer with the moisture wicking design.  Perforations provide for great airflow. 
  • Note: the set of 5 includes black, white and 3 additional colors that may or may not be pictured.

Hand wash cold.  Air dry to retain sizing.  

Size - Height 6", Max Head Circumference (when stretched) - 25"

Material - 100% Cotton

Brand: Candid Signature Apparel

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