Women's Chemo Cap Slouchy Beanie

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? SLOUCHY CHEMO CAP - This large slouchy style beanie for women adds fullness and body for those with hair loss. These caps are are also popular with women who cover their hair.

? EASY TO USE - Quickly cover your head without dealing with wraps or scarves due to the elastic design. 

?? ULTRA COMFY DESIGN- Cotton/Spandex mix.  The soft material and elastic band stretch to fit most sizes.  Feel secure that the beanie won't slip off. The fabric is a great option if you have a sensitive scalp.  

? BREATHABLE - Keep your head warm throughout the year and protected from the sun.  The fabric blend provides for breathability and moisture wicking.  

? SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Enjoy our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Hand Wash and Air Dry

Size: 10" by 10".  One size fits most.  

Material: Cotton/Spandex

Brand: Candid Signature