Our Signature Promise

Candid Signature is a unique headwear apparel company that cares. We've built our company on products intentionally made from all natural fabric materials that are good for your head and the environment. Our kufi hat skull caps and beanies are made with 100% cotton, and our handmade products are similarly made with a natural bamboo-cotton blend as opposed to cheap and environment-damaging polyester. We are firm believers in ethical manufacturing, and we work to ensure our products are manufactured in places where employee conditions are fair and free of forced labor. It may cost us more, but we believe it pays off in the long run. Our manufacturing choices fit perfectly with our customer base's belief in keeping things pure and simple.

In addition to our commitment to better manufacturing, Candid Signature strives to be a carbon neutral company through our partnership with Terrapass. Our annual estimated carbon production is offset by contributions to carbon-neutralizing projects.

We also want to make sure we do good with the communities around us. Candid Signature frequently donates its products for free distribution and to non-profits year-round. If you are interested in collaborating on a volunteer initiative, use the contact us form to reach us.